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Annual and Special Meeting

Professionally organised and executed meetings for your special and annual events

Annual and Special Meetings

A professionally organised and run annual meeting is a special event in the life of your business, needing precise planning and execution. Making the necessary arrangements can be time-consuming and expensive but is vital for your company’s image and demonstrates your business is well run and that shareholders are well taken care of and informed.

The professionals at Glenmede Escrow will walk you through the process and ensure your event proceeds without a hitch. Our printing services will design and distribute the necessary information and proxy details, simplifying the whole process, keeping expenses to a minimum.

At Glenmede Escrow, our Annual and Special Meeting services include:

  • Supporting and coordinating the annual meeting process
  • Producing correctly formatted documents
  • Proxy voting
  • Harmonisation and printing of required paperwork
  • Carrying out broker searches and distribution to nominee shareholders
  • Electronic or physical sending of the annual meeting materials
  • Offering second and third mailings to non-voting holders
  • Sending follow up email campaigns to specified groups
  • Collating daily voting reports
  • Inspector of election services
  • Virtual meeting arrangements and coordination

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