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Massively reduces the amount of time needed to transfer holdings


Glenmede Escrow is a DTC authorised DWAC/FAST (Fast Automated Securities Transfer Program) and DRS (Direct Registration System) participant. These systems enable shareholders to maintain a holding as the registered owner in electronic form with a transfer agent such as Glenmede Escrow acting as custodian rather than having to worry about the safekeeping and delivery of an actual certificate.

The DWAC/FAST and DRS processes massively reduce the amount of time needed to transfer holdings. As a user of these systems, Glenmede Escrow offers a faster and safer method of processing transactions with brokers.

Main Benefits:

  • Ability to transfer holding to a broker account in hours rather than weeks
  • Eradicates the dangers of losing a certificate in transit
  • No courier or delivery charges for sending certificates through the postal system
  • Eradicates brokerage fees related to the processing of physical certificates

How it Works

There are two methods of depositing holdings electronically:


  • DWAC: Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian, or
  • DRS: Direct Registration System

The primary distinction between these two methods is DWAC deposits necessitate a Medallion Guaranteed and DRS deposits are totally paperless

Please contact Glenmede Escrow to discuss the many advantages of going paperless for both you and your shareholders

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