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Glenmede Escrow is committed to providing first class service. This commitment relies on our experience, knowledge and expertise to understand and accurately process all aspects of your transaction to the highest standard.

Our management team has more than sixty years of experience in the stock transfer and escrow business, Glenmede Escrow has the practical knowledge and insight to meet the requirements of the most complex companies while still providing the fast and responsive service that you would expect from a boutique business. Whether your transaction is on a corporate scale or a personal securities transaction, you can sleep easy knowing you are in the hands of an independent, neutral, and secure third party.

Professional Services

When delivering professional services, it is not easy to get paid before the full completion of the service, and doubts can linger if you will even get paid when the job is done.

With Glenmede Escrow, your customers can pay with confidence in the knowledge that you will only be paid if the service is completed satisfactorily. Your business can also carry out the service safe in the knowledge that the funds are available for when your job is done and not worry about spending time and resources chasing defaulters or late payers.

Our system protects both sides of the transaction, ensuring the service is delivered and payment is made on completion.

Business to Business

In an increasingly global marketplace, trading with sometimes unknown companies in different countries can be a worry. As a seller, you want to be sure that you will be paid in full and as a buyer, you want to know that you will receive what you have paid for, in the condition expected. By using Glenmede Escrow, both sides are safeguarded from unscrupulous practices by having the funds held in a secure escrow account until both are satisfied the transaction is concluded.

Web Domains

Web domains can cost thousands of dollars. By using Glenmede Escrow’s secure services, we can simplify the domain transfer process and remove potential risks. We operate this service for domains in most countries worldwide and have some of the fairest escrow fees in the business.

We also offer other services, such as:

  • Setting up and managing Special Purpose Vehicles to be used when multiple parties are engaged in the contract or many payments needed
  • Setting up and administering trusts for the same function
  • Record keeping and providing accounting records for payments via a company or trust
  • Bookkeeping and provision of accounting relating to the payouts through a company or trust

Looking for a superior escrow, issuer or shareholder services experience?

We put the needs of our customers first, ahead of our own, because we appreciate and value the relationships we have with them. Our ambition is to deliver results that exceed customer expectations time after time.

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