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Lost Certificate Services

Need a damaged lost or stolen certificate replacing quickly and securely?

Lost Certificate Replacement

When certificates are kept in the physical paper form, it is not uncommon for them to be misplaced or lost and sometimes stolen or destroyed. Any such instance should be notified to Glenmede Escrow as soon as it is discovered. It is essential that it be reported quickly (especially in the event of theft) so that Glenmede Escrow can place a marker on the holding, preventing any transfer of ownership. We will report any attempts for a change in beneficial ownership to the issuer and registered owner.

For a replacement certificate to be issued Glenmede Escrow will first need the required documentation from the issuer or beneficial owner so that we can be covered by a surety/indemnity bond which will indemnify us in the event of a claim.

The beneficial owner may present a surety bond from an independent third party of use Glenmede Escrow’s blanket bond.

If you wish to use our bond, we will need the following before action can be instigated:

Two copies of the completed and notarised Application for Lost Instrument Bond form which can be obtained by contacting us in the first instance.

(If the current market value of the position is in excess of $85,000 or equivalent other currency the owner will need to forward two fully completed and notarised application for lost instrument bonds to Glenmede Escrow. The financial statement will need to demonstrate a multiple of 2.5 times the current market value of the holding in available liquid assets for the bond to be agreed)

Transfer Fees and Instructions for the delivery of the new certificate. Fees will vary if the application is coming from the beneficial owner or a broker.

  • $175 to replace each stock certificate (United States and Canada), or $350 to replace each stock certificate for other countries
  • Delivery instructions for the new stock certificate and current contact information must be submitted along with the application for the replacement. Your own prepaid courier account number can be provided for the delivery of the new stock certificate, or you can use Glenmede Escrow's trusted courier. Please ask us for the cost to deliver to your location

Once we have all the required documentation completed and payment made as needed, we will arrange the replacement of the certificate and delivery as per the instructions of the beneficial owner.

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