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Proxy and Printing Services

Taking care of all your corporate printing requirements with fast turnaround times

Printing and Proxy Services

A stock certificate is a reflection of your company.

At Glenmede Escrow, our experienced staff will help you produce a certificate that represents your company or print an existing one if you prefer.

Glenmede Escrow will take care of all your corporate printing requirements, updating, formatting, rebranding and mailing – all with fast turnaround times and at a reasonable cost.

Our proxy services incorporate:

  • Preparing, printing and sending the obligatory searches to brokers, nominees and intermediaries in accordance with regulations
  • Recording with the DTC and asking for the Securities Position Report (SPR) that lists the position holdings of DTC participants in the issuer's security as of a specified period
  • Follow up confirmation with each broker that proxy materials were received and have been sent to underlying beneficial owners
  • Organising relevant printing and mailing
  • Delivering tabulated details of the ongoing progress of the vote
  • Accumulating all proxy votes and preparing in tabulated format
  • Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials and paper copies when requested. Plus more

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We put the needs of our customers first, ahead of our own, because we appreciate and value the relationships we have with them. Our ambition is to deliver results that exceed customer expectations time after time.

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