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Employee Stock Option Plan

Increasing loyalty and rewarding those that help to drive your company forward

Employee Stock Option Plans

Employee stock options are an appealing instrument for new and existing staff, increasing loyalty and rewarding those that help to drive your company forward. Having employees take ownership in a small way of your business has been proven to help attract new staff as well as retaining and remunerating existing staff, either as part of a compensation package or as a bonus.

If your company already recognises the benefits of these plans, Glenmede Escrow provides comprehensive service stock option outsourcing. We can provide bespoke reporting, individual employee reports, and the facility to liaise with your staff and brokers, as well as your internal departments to satisfy your company’s reporting requirements.

Simplifying stock ownership

Glenmede Escrow can take care of all aspects of your Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) exercises and reporting needs.

Our advanced Employee Stock Option Plans are administered by utilising our proprietary system which was specifically created to operate ESOP’s. All your business needs to do is forward to us details of the employee, option and payroll and we will take care of the allocation and transfer of the securities. We also take care of the transfer of physical certificates when necessary.

We have established relationships with brokers who help us to facilitate the synchronised exercise and disposal of options, speeding up the process and benefitting the recipient faster. This process does away with the need for recipients to transact with third parties or wait for loan cheques to clear. Glenmede Escrow will handle the full process from the first exercising of the options, through to delivery and disbursement of funds in due course.

Our full stock option administration service includes:

  • All categories of options
  • Numerous vesting schedules
  • Full recipient record maintenance
  • Designated contact with specialist compensation plan professional
  • Direct access to all records and transactions
  • Tailored management and activity details
  • Tax disclosure

The Glenmede Escrow team will ease your business through every stage of the complicated process of initiating an employee stock option plan, from gathering and certification of employee details to the exercise and disbursement of option sales.

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